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13 sites for creating short videos with artificial intelligence

  13 sites for creating short videos with artificial intelligence looking for artificial intelligence tools that will make it easier for the...


13 sites for creating short videos with artificial intelligence

looking for artificial intelligence tools that will make it easier for them to produce short videos on many topics and different topics, so in this article I will review for you the best artificial intelligence sites that enable you to Get social media videos in a few minutes without any effort, and of course you will find completely free and paid ones as well!

The best sites for short videos with artificial intelligence

Here you will find many sites and artificial intelligence tools to create short videos that you can use later on social media platforms, including those that turn text into a short video and others that turn a command or prompt into a very beautiful video. So let me take you on a tour to find out which one is best. Artificial intelligence sites for short videos.

Invideo  (converting ideas into short videos)

The video site is considered the godfather and the first to master the idea of ​​converting text or articles into a professional video. In fact, it is considered one of the best platforms for creating promotional videos, thanks to its availability of a very large number of pre-prepared templates professionally for any niche or topic.

With regard to creating social media videos, you can use the Invideo AI website, to get great videos just by inserting a prompt or description of the video content you want.

Pictory (convert text to short video)

Pictory AI is a powerful tool for creating social media videos in seconds.

To create a social media video using Pictory, follow these steps:

1-Sign up for a free Pictory account and create a new project.

2- Use either converting text to video, converting an article to a video, or converting visuals to a video.

Select the customizable template that best matches your content and choose the right aspect ratio for your short videos! 9:16 will format your video correctly for TikTok, YouTube video Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Then put the text you want to create a beautiful video for, and then you can choose a natural commentary voice and amazing captions.

Woxo (create short fictional videos with artificial intelligence)

A really fun site for creating short videos for social media, completely free!!
The most wonderful thing about this site is that it gives you many options for creating your videos, such as choosing the topic or the general framework of the videos, such as Did You Know videos, horror videos, children’s stories, and so on?

In addition to the ability to choose the type of artificial intelligence images within videos
, natural commentary sound, music, etc. 1

All you have to do is enter your prompt to create many wonderful videos with artificial intelligence that will definitely blow your mind!

Typeframes (around his page text to an imaginary short video)

One of the truly amazing sites regarding converting any text into a social media video is in just a few clicks,
where you can create a Tiktok video by either placing a script or text or even placing a link to an article page!

The site uses artificial intelligence to know the most important points within the topic or article, and magically puts them in a video no more than one minute long! 

Simplified  (Get a short video of just a simple idea)

It is a very underrated site in the world of artificial intelligence, despite it containing terrifying amounts of tools and templates that you always need in your work on the Internet, such as you can create posts with artificial intelligence
and videos, and obtain complete articles and texts in various fields
such as YouTube, social media, memes, articles, and so on.

Indeed, you will find an excellent tool for producing short videos just by setting the command or prompt, and it is only seconds, and it gives you a very beautiful video with artificial intelligence for later use on any platform you are working on.

Lumen 5 (convert the article into a short, attractive video)

It is considered one of the first sites used by content creators to convert text into a video, even if it is a complete article!!
Indeed, you can take advantage of this powerful platform to create short videos for social media
from the script mode, after which it will give you a beautiful video of
wonderful video clips and images based on your choice of a template suitable for your content. (create entire Tiktok accounts from short videos)

If you want to create short social media videos in one go, you can try this distinguished site to create videos for social media accounts professionally,
where you can get TikTok videos about a specific niche, at a rate of two videos per day or more according to the price plan.

Ossa ai  (convert scripts into short videos only)

If you want an attractive social media video within seconds, here is the ossa website. Just enter the text or script for the video, and it will turn it into a very beautiful Tiktok video with a natural commentary voice and wonderful video clips.

Augie ai  (the power of artificial intelligence to create amazing short videos)

It is a free , innovative AI assistant designed by

Where you can actually get a script prepared for your video and turn it into a very wonderful and very careful short video!

Flexclip (text to video with AI)

The site has become really famous for creating videos, whether for YouTube or social media, with excellent pre-prepared templates,
but recently many have added powerful artificial intelligence tools that
include creating short videos from converted text, the prompt, or a web page link!!

vidnoz ai (a free platform for producing videos with talking characters)

A wonderful platform for making videos with artificial intelligence on all platforms because of the possibilities it offers
for converting the idea into an excellent script and choosing the character that presents the video, whether
real or cartoon, with more than 800 natural commentary voices and
libraries containing thousands of pictures, videos, shapes, etc.

Above all, it can be used for free because it allows you to create a short video of one minute per day!!

Topview ai (create short advertising videos for a product or website)

This ingenious tool has many tasks to do to produce a great short video including
script writing, shot selection, narration and video enhancement. Using artificial intelligence

You can easily create personalized ads by uploading your own photos, videos, and audio files
. Moreover, this amazing tool seamlessly blends with popular social media platforms like Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and Shorts, increasing its versatility and reach.

Powered by massive GPT-4 and an extensive ad library, TopView AI creates engaging ad texts. Additionally, it has an impressive translation feature that spans across 29 languages.

Veed io  (an integrated platform for artificial intelligence video editing)

It is, of course, a famous platform in the field of editing, editing, and editing videos online without the need to download programs or the like!
Recently, with the boom and revolution of artificial intelligence,
Veed has been strongly involved in developing tools of interest to content makers on all platforms, such as the eye meeting correction tool, which dealt with script writing and looking at the camera together without the viewer noticing it, and there are other tools such as audio transcription for more than one language and much more.

As for obtaining social media videos, of course you will find a unique tool for creating short videos just by adding a short description or prompt to the video you want to produce!

Last two words

In the end, you have learned about the 13 best sites using artificial intelligence to create short videos for social media platforms to profit from the Internet professionally, so you can actually select these sites and work on them in a way that suits your goals and topics to obtain beautiful videos using artificial intelligence.

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